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Lamar Park


There was one big show at Lamar Park around 1976 called, I believe Electric Rodeo. Heart, Reo Speed-wagon, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Renaissance, Nils Lofgrin and a few other acts. There was not a cloud in the sky that day. Too bad that venue had to end.  Burg

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  1. Rick J says:

    My first wife and I went to it. Awful hot during the day. Heart and Renaissance were sensational as were every one. I think it was edgar and johnny that played last at night.

  2. SteveQ says:

    I remember, it was like a mini Woodstock, the lines were so long for a pop that I chewed on my ice cubes and got a toothache for 3 days.
    Then my aunt visited from Illinois my Mom and dad and them went to the Beltline Bar, they said they could hear it from their !!! The next day in the newspaper they said it was 8.000 (???) people, it was just such a cool concert, even topless girls in the front of the stage, kids and people playing in the mud under the bleachers someone turned on some water and was a bunch of mud LoL.

  3. Joe says:

    I was there too! Hitch from South Bend, In. when I was 18. Some fine folks picked me up that were also going. We parted company upon arriving and enjoyed the show.
    Want to guess who picked me going home?? Yuppers, same folks. We stopped in Jones, Mi for a beer then they were kind enough to drop me at the end of my drive.
    A few months later at a Heart concert I ran into one of those folks again!

  4. Katie says:

    I was there. My first concert also, my sister was in the sunstroke tent for most of concert. Got quite a sunburn. Was one of the best ever been to. Heart was awesome. So was REO and others. Couldn’t remember Renaissance, but knew there was another group.

  5. Marcus Beck says:

    I was there also … very hot on the infield … there actually had a fire house out back to get wet … pot everywhere … I had my first naked girl, ( top off ) on my shoulders at the end … the best was for the last with Edgar and Johnny Winter with, I can’t remember which one, lighting up a joint the size of a cigar … I think it was Johnny asked, ‘ do you mind if I light up ? ‘ … the place went wild … this concert bailed the City of Wyoming out of a $300,000 deficit … no concert like it ever again tho in Fort Lamar, Wyoming, Michigan … in fact, the rodeo grounds are gone !! Marcus Beck aka the ‘ Wolf ‘

  6. Terry lambrix says:

    I remember driving my dad station wagon down there with bout 9-10 of us in it. Johnny and Edgar come out in white limo . Reo and Heart was the best there that day . It was very hot there and the smell of Mary Jane being smoked every where. Wish we could go back in time. That was my 1st concert too

  7. Alan says:

    I remember the concert. It was Renaissance,Heart(actually dressed in white gowns),Nils Lofgren(Spirit canceled),REO Speedwagon,and Johnny and Edgar Winter with Rick Derringer. I had a poster that was tacked to telephone post. It was HOT and in the stands so many people fainted that the EMT’s couldn’t keep up. Between acts somebody announced that there was bad PCP being sold at one side of the stage and people ran that way to get some!

  8. Jeanie Holstrom says:

    I was at this concert in 1976…it was a very hot summer day and I remember the crowd going nuts when the one cloud covered the sun for about a minute as the crowd went crazy because of the heat.
    the Winter brothers were fantastic… I think that Todd Rugren was there as well as Fleetwood Mac… such a great day!
    my husband could not believe that this would be called the Electric Rodeo with all the bands I memtioned!

  9. Jeanie Holstrom says:

    I was at this concert in 1976….hot summer day I rremember the one big cloud that covered the sun for about a minute as everyone cheered because of the heat! The winter brothers were fantastic… I believe Todd Rugren was there too and I want to say Fleetwood Mac?
    My husband and I got into a discussion about this last night because he couldn’t believe that it would be called the Electric Rodeo with all the bands I memtioned! So glad I was able to confirm this.

  10. bill white says:

    I was there

  11. Paul Muncaster says:

    came down from Ontario, Canada for the show, first big road trip at age 17, yes it was hot, hoses set up to cool down with, o.d. tent was full from the heat.. but the bands cranked out the tunes. Winter bros doing Frankenstien was awesome.. other bigger new act for the time was Starz. wow. 37 years ago.

    • TammieBundy says:

      it was the best concert I ever attended. It was 1976 quarter of a mile from my house I was 15 at the time and I will never forget the Vans were Renaissance heart Stars REO Speedwagon and when Johnny and Edgar Winter hit that note while playing Frankenstein and it went through everyone’s body with a jolt and we all felt it at the same time? I remember because the crowd went crazy! people were suffering heat exhaustion and I bet they would do it again and a heartbeat! I know I would! at least I can relive it in my mind

      • bill white says:

        I was there too, a band from Detroit called “starz” opened the show. I was 14 at the time. Nils Lofgren from neil youngs band crazy horse performed too.

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