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Masters of Stonehouse

Grand Rapids

One Response to Masters of Stonehouse

  1. Bill Eckberg says:

    The Masters of Stonehouse were the brainchild of Ed Drake. He and I founded the group in 1966 while we were students at Grand Valley State in 1966. Paul Overeiner, who was a friend and bandmate of mine from high school was lead guitar, and George Anthon was the drummer. I played bass, and Ed was rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist on the originals that we did; he and I shared vocals on the covers. He also wrote our original songs. At that time, he was very much into John Lennon, and his vocals are very Lennonesque on the two surviving recordings the band did, “If You Treat Me Bad Again” and “Please”. We were not really ready to record when we did it, but we were eager and thought we were great. We hadn’t been together long enough to be really tight as a band, though we developed a distinctive sound, mostly because of Paul’s guitar work. The band didn’t last long. Ed was classified 1A in 1967 by his draft board and joined the Naval Reserves. When he shipped out, that was pretty much the end, though the rest of us tried to continue for a while. I left town for the University of Michigan at the end of 1967, and that was it. Ed did invite me back to make some demo recordings later, which, I assume are lost. I don’t recall if George played on that session, but I know Paul didn’t. Ed brought in two other guitar players.

    That was the end of my musical career, but I understand that Ed went on to a career as a singer/songwriter in Christian music.

    He and I reconnected a few years ago thanks to the Internet, but we lost touch again. I hope he is well and happy.

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