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Mouse Trap

Grand Rapids, 418 Bridge St. N.W. Uncle Adolph’s preceded it. It become Bobby’s Lounge in the Mid 70s. Mouse Trap owners in 1966 were Gary Kane & Robin Perry.

Mousetrap 418 Bridge St NW (Photo shows it being Bobby’s Lounge)

Bits and Pieces – Dan Lewakowski on key boards (Cordovox). Zeke Ramerez(sp.) played guitar, Lloyd Brown on Drums at Mouse Trap 1970










Mouse Trap Ad 1970

Mouse Trap Ad 1970

Mouse Trap Ad 1967




















This is part of an email between Doug Taylor and Gary Kane from 3/10/2012:

I grew up in Elgin, Il and went to U of Mich on a football-basketball scholarship. After graduation, I was a sales rep for the Arrow Shirt co and I was transferred to GR in 1966. It was a great job, but I couldn’t stand working for others so my old college buddy, Robin Perry, and I talked to a professor we both had in the business school. He said that a good start would be to buy a bar, so we bought the Mousetrap which had been closed for several months. A couple of years later, I bought Rob out as he wanted to move back to Detroit. I was given a solid offer on the bar 3 years later, I sold it and stayed in private business. Gary Kane

It become Bobby’s Lounge after the Mouse Trap. Dirk Rivers Band  (Bobby Vogel) played there a lot!!! Bobby Vogel is now Lorreta Lynn’s Band Leader and Lead Guitarist.

I was one of the first bartender’s there in the early 1960s. Doug Taylor.

Mouse Trap Lounge 418 Bridge Street NW (Worfel Building) on February 13, 1985.

Mouse Trap Lounge 418 Bridge Street NW (Worfel Building) on February 13, 1985.

4 Responses to Mouse Trap

  1. Diane Davis says:

    Gary Kane sold it to Dick Perueker, not sure of the spelling.

  2. Stephanie Dufford says:

    Interesting stuff. I’m doing some research on behalf of my husband on some family members that he’s in the process of connecting with. Gary Kane: wondering who you sold the business to. Was it by chance Stuart Smith? Or is he who you bought it from?
    Doug Taylor: does the name Stuart Smith, Mary Falkell or Mary Dufford ring a bell?

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