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Michigan Music Equipment Sales (New & Used)



6 Responses to MUSIC STORES

  1. Mike Romanowski says:

    Would be remiss not to mention Kaminski’s Music on West Fulton near Valley St. Although Ray Kaminski started as mainly a band and accordion store ( Ray played accordion in many polka bands in 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s) he started carrying some brands to accommodate the burgeoning guitar band scene in GR such as Kalamazoo, Sunn, Gibson, Acoustic, Ludwig, Rickenbacker, Ampeg to name a few. In 1965 he sold me my 1st bass and amp (both Kalamazoo) which sounded pretty damn good for early cheaper bass gear as opposed to the expensive Fender basses and Bassman/ Showman amps. He sold them almost at cost to me mainly because he knew my dad from polka music (my dad bought all his records there), but also because I was starting up on bass from guitar and my band desperately needed a bass player with gear so he sympathized. A few months after he upgraded me to a Gibson EBO and an Ampeg 15″ portaflex which was like a revolution in bass sound to me. Later upgrades once I started playing full time were a Sunn 200S with 2 cabs and then a Fender Jazz bass with an Acoustic 360 with 2 powered cabs I played at the Brass Monkey with Ashes to Wind all summer in “72” from Ray. He was a great guy that would give you the shirt off his back to help you get what you needed and was a mainstay on the West side as John Kik was not around until later. I miss Ray and his chubby faced smile.

  2. Dale Zalaoras says:

    Town & Country Music Store, Town & Country Plaza, Kentwood

  3. Dave Sikkema says:

    Carls Guitar Studio on east Fulton, west of Diamond. I don’t know how popular it was with local bands, but I spent a lot of money (to me) there in the mid 60s, and did a lot of drooling too.

  4. Ken Wasco says:

    Cannot go without mentioning the famous “Dodd’s Record Shoppe” on South Division. They were the first to carry the “Flyin’ Home Boogie” when it came out in 1971, and one of the first in West Michigan to feature a Detriot Rock Band section in the late 1960’s. It was where I bought my first MC5 “Kick out the Jam’s” live album.

  5. Robert Oom says:

    Flaming Rat Records in the Towne and Country Plaza. First visit for me was 1970 and Frank Salamone worked there. Great store, good music.

  6. Dick Kandalec says:

    Pletcher’s Furniture Store in Muskegon had a great music shop in the rear of their store. From what I remember it was mostly a guitar store but we sure spent lots of time there in the mid ’60’s trying out their guitars.

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