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Northern Star


I think there was only one show at a venue called Northern Star, a farmers field near Mecosta. I saw ZZ Top there.   Whistle-Stop

Northern Star Live Stage Mecosta Concert Setlists


6 Responses to Northern Star

  1. David Brooks says:

    I attended 2 concerts at Northern Star ( 38 Special and the Cars).
    I remember it was on a dirt road.
    I live up in the area now and wondered what the address was?
    For memories sake, I’d like to drive by there

  2. Brenda Lambrix says:

    I still have a couple of ticket stubs ? It was a wonderful location while it lasted!

  3. Tom Lindsey says:

    There were actually 13 shows at this venue in 1983 & 1984. ZZTop was the first. Not in order:
    Pat Travers Band (1)
    ZZ Top (1)
    Santana (1)
    Corey Hart (1)
    Uriah Heep (1)
    Wang Chung (1)
    Rick Springfield (1)
    Zebra (1)
    Ratt (1)
    Foghat (1)
    Blue Öyster Cult (1)
    The Cars (1)
    REO Speedwagon (1)

  4. jessica Powers says:

    I live in front of this venue. I know own the “office”. Who would consider re imagining this venue. I am close to the original parties of Northern Star, we would like to bring the concerts back.

  5. Brian Goodenow says:

    I was at that show!! It’s funny, a while back I was trying to think of the name of the “venue.” It finally occurred to me today so I googled it and your page came up!

    It was the first concert I ever attended!

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