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OZZ – Grand Rapids

Tom Jones (Keyboards)
Rich Bacans (Lead guitar)
Scott Hock (RIP) (Bass)
Jeff Galas (RIP) (Drums)



Started at Brass Monkey – the band had originally been Ashes to Wind with Mike Romanowski on bass and Jeff Pierce on drums.
Changed Bavarian in from country for Ronnie Frey to Rock n Roll. Played Michigan club circuit with home base at Bavarian. Played the Creek in Big Rapids, Harbor Inn – Grand Haven every year during Coast Guard Festival.

Went thru lots of players:
Bass was originally Romanowski, then replaced by Bill Moore (Juniper) and the Hock – Vic Amato)

Jack Meyers temporarily replaced Jeff Galas while recovering from motorcycle accident.

Fred Galas then replaced Tom Jones on keyboards.

Scott VanderArk replaced Rich Bacans

From there I don’t know who or how many musicians were replaced.

after Fred Galas replaced Tom Jones of Keyboards.

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OZZ - Jeff Galas 1
OZZ - Jeff Galas 1
OZZ - 2
OZZ - 2
OZZ - Jeff Galas 3
OZZ - Jeff Galas 3
OZZ - 4
OZZ - 4

4 Responses to OZZ

  1. Frederick Galas says:

    Guitars; Rich Bacon, to Jim Monestar, to Scott VanderArk, Macy Simpson, Rich Bacon, Mike Dodge, Gordy Chapman
    Bass; Mike Romanowski, Bill Moore, Scott Hoch, Steve Tingley, Scott Johnson, Richard Roland
    Drums; Jeff Galas, Jack Meyers, Pat Suttons, Andy Wilcox

    I had just come home from the service, worked with my brother Jeff, Rich, and Mickey, to get a band going, practiced at the studio behind Kicks music on Bridge, but quit to go to school and Tom came in and Ozz was formed. I later did sound for the band while i was going to school, and that was a big learning experience. I am glad I did that, it set the stage for me in many ways. I feel very fortunate to have worked with all great people and players of Ozz!

  2. Mike Romanowski says:

    Bazaan is not right. Grew up with Rich. Bacans was it. Miss the old guys. We started one kick ass rockin band.

  3. Guitar player extraordinaire Rich Bazaan on guitar, not Bacan. I think Jim Monistar replaced Rich.

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