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Red Apple Road Band

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Manistee, 1972 to approx. 1977 – Bo Jessop (Lead vocals, percussion) Al Blick (Rhythm guitar, vocals) Dan Hansen (Lead guitar, vocals) (RIP) Phil Tarczon (Lead guitar, vocals) Roger Tarczon (Drums) Paul Anderson (Bass) Jay Fortier (Bass) Bob Bowne (Bass) Pete “Pie Boy” Chinock (Keys)

With several line-up changes, the band continued as “Hotso” into the mid 80?s.


7 Responses to Red Apple Road Band

  1. Tom Lokers says:

    I saw this band a few times when they toured the Coral Gables bars[Crow Bar in Saugatuck, Show Bar in the old Chippewa Hotel In Manistee]. Great classic rock! Later, the band evolved and I am not sure if any original members were in it. All Manistee guys, Howie Wilson and Mike Carden and others I did not know. Played in area bars like The bungalow. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Jay Fortier says:

    OK, I see the question was posed by Rick Roesler. Hope this helps, Rick.

  3. Jay Fortier says:

    Hi Doug, thanks for contacting me regarding the background and Manistee connection of the band. My comment from 8-21-11 gives the overall story.

    Of the six original members, four were from Manistee. Bo Jessop and Al Blick were from Dearborn and Cadillac, respectively, but both had been living in Manistee for a while.

    I’m not positive, because I was not around at the time it was decided, but I believe the name Red Apple Road came from a popular party spot on said road. It’s interesting that you lived there too! What years were you there?

    Thanks again for the contact, and for all you do for the preservation of the Michigan music scene history. Rock on!

    • Rick Roesler, I contacted Jay Fortier who was in the group, but he thought I was asking the question and his response was directed to me, then he posted another comment for you. I hope that clears up your question, feel free to comment if you need further info. Doug Taylor admin.

  4. Rick Roesler says:

    So my question is, what does Manistee have to do with the Red Apple Road band. I read that many members are from GR. I saw a video of Manistee, the downtown and the Salty Dog Saloon.
    I Grew up on Red Apple Rd and have always wondered about the connection.

  5. Man, I love all U people! Call me. 517/375/3308. Happy Bday Blick!

  6. Jay Fortier says:

    “Red Apple Road” (Manistee, 1972 to approx. ’77) was a combination of the remnants of two bands. Originally, it was Bo Jessop, lead vocals, percussion; Al Blick, rhythm guitar, vocals; and Dan Hansen, lead guitar and vocals who were from “Band X/North Country”, and Phil Tarczon, lead guitar, vocals; Roger Tarczon, drums; and Paul Anderson, bass, who were from “Grapevine”.

    Jay Fortier replaced Paul Anderson on bass and vocals in ’73, and Bob Bowne replaced Jay in ’74. Pete “Pie Boy” Chinock was added on keys at some point. Dan Hansen came and went a couple times, and was involved in other projects through the years until his passing in 2000.

    With several line-up changes, the band continued as “Hotso” into the mid 80’s.

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