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Grand Rapids  1968-1995

This information about the history of Remembrance was supplied by their drummer, Steve Mosketti:

Mid 1968: Steve Mosketti joined with three members of the band called the Fugitives, Larry Piechocki, Roger Smigiel, and Bob Mulbrecht. Larry’s brother-in-law, Chuck Olezewski, a trumpet player, also joined the group.

1970:  Bass player Bob Mulbrecht left the band and was replaced by Rick Capizzi. Lead vocalist Bob Haggard was added.

1971:  Acquired lead vocalist Jane De Young. Our seven piece band played steadily form 1971 to 1995 at weddings and private parties. Remembrance was not a bar band.

June 9, 1984: Remembrance recorded four songs written by Jodi Bancino at River City Studio in Grand Rapids.





Remembrance played a show with headliner Mitch Ryder

2 Responses to Remembrance

  1. Jan Burke says:

    Ummm… I think you forgot someone… Dennis Burke played bass for this band through 1981. Not sure when he started. Probably the same time Charlie started.

  2. admin says:

    Please check out the recent entries to Remembrance’s band page. Photos and information supplied by Steve Mosketti, the drummer

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