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Sound Factory


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  1. Phillip Collier says:

    I remember the Sound Factory in Kalamazoo. It was, at the time (1972), run by two ex Gibson guys. I have a used, 1957 Wood Grained Stratocaster that my Aunt had bought me, and it needed a Fret Board re-do. My dad took me up there, and we talked to the guys. They were working on designing and building their own liine of Guitars, and told me about a new wiring system they were developing and asked if I would like it put on my Guitar. I said sure, and they did it!!! I bet I’m the only one who had an alternate wiring system on a Strat in those days. They did a beautiful job on the fretboard as well. Like an idiot, I traded the guitar for a 1973, to a Albion College kid for his Strat. I have kept me eye out for that Guitar ever since, never have come across it.

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