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The Double Barrel Band

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Grand Rapids – Double Barrel is a seasoned veteran country/rock band in the West Michigan area. New country, old country and southern rock are our specialty!

Band Members:

  • Kirk “Captain” Zillmer (Lead guitar)

  • Shawn “Big Daddy” Moulenbelt (Acoustic guitar, vocals)

  • Peter “Bam Bam” Black (Drums, vocals)

  • Bob “Birdman” Warner (Bass, vocals)


Double Barrel is a collaboration of members from different bands of West Michigan. Without going into detail, such bands include the Stolen Horses Band, Full Circle, Bullseye Ride,Rockabilly, and many more. We have shared the stage with such acts as Chris Cagle, Eric Church, Zac Brown, Bombshell, Trailor Choir and many, many more. We have been playing in West Michigan for well over 20 years and have no interest in slowing down. Our members are from different parts of the eastern United States that range from Michigan down to Tennessee (Pete). To all of our fans and friends, we love you and can’t wait to see you at our shows. See ya soon and GOD bless.


Bringing drums, bass guitar, screaming lead guitar and a smooth acoustic guitar to the stage along with our high-energy, strong performance driving country and classic rock with some dance music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, we put ALL of our energy into EVERY song we play and do everything within our musical capabilities to do enough variety of songs so that no one who comes to our show feels like they don’t fit in. We want to please as many people as possible and have fun doing it. We take ALL suggestions to heart and, as long as our instrumentation will allow it, try to fill all requests. We are not a “studio band” but rather a “LIVE” band simply because we “NEED” the people in the audience to help drive us to play to the best of our ability. We are a “Fan-Based” band and wouldn’t change a thing.

Band Interests:

We are interested in making sure you all have a great time and tell your friends!

Artists We Also Like:

Small Town Son, Union Guns, Frankie Ballard, Hat Trick, Mustang, and countless others. West Michigan has some of the best musicians and just plain people in the music business that we have ever met.


Steve Earl, Lynyrd Skynrd, Jason Aldean, Dwight Yoakam, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Allman Brothers, Eagles, and so many other types of music which makes our blend and style so unique. We promise if you come to our show, no matter what type of music you like, you will leave our show satisfied.




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  1. BERNIE PLEVA says:

    Was wondering if you have Sept. 21 open this fall and if so what are your rates?

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