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The Note

Gun Lake – Teen Night Club. Was on Chief Noonday Road.

A lot of Famous bands played there like MC-5 Ted Nugent, Buckinghams, Alice Cooper, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, Guess Who, Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs, Amboy Dukes, Blues Magoos, Alice Cooper, James Brown, The New Colony Six, The Outsiders and many many more and an array of local bands played there on a revolving basis around West Michigan night clubs. 

Joe McCargar at the left of the Fredric, singing at The Note at Gun Lake

Joe McCargar at the left of the Fredric, singing at The Note at Gun Lake













The Note Ad from the May 1, 1964, Creston High School “Echo” school newspaper.

15 Responses to The Note

  1. Diane Davis says:

    looking for history of the Parkway Tropics it started out by owners Ferro Randazzo & Ed Safie as a classy Nite club , catering to GRs well to do, house band Bennie Carew, in spring of 65, they went to Goo-Goo dancers, bands like Daze In, Kingtons etc & in 1970s started stripers.

  2. James Klein says:

    I played at the festival at the note with my band Promise, with dick wagner, alice cooper ,bob segar, nugent touchstone, src, plain brown wrapper, so many… fun to remember.

  3. Connie Parker Sutton says:

    Met my husband there in 1964, married him 3 year later. Celebrating 53 years of marriage April 8. We loved dancing there, but it was only a DJ then.

  4. Al Arguijo says:

    Saw The Ides of March at The Note, Gun Lake. Not sure of year, 1967 or 1968. It was always a fun time. Went with friends from Delton Kellogg HS. I lived close by.


  5. Barbara Hutchinson Kan says:

    I danced at The Note a few times in the late 60s. Bob Seger was the musician I remember seeing there. He had a band called Pink Frosting and one called Brown Paper or something like that. We went to see him the first time because we thought it was the Bob Seger from our high school!

  6. Leslie Dixon says:

    I drove by where it used to be a few years ago, it’s an Auto shop now. Sad. A lot of cars sitting there on the cement that used to be the outside patio where I used to dance.

  7. Leslie Dixon says:

    The Note was the best. I pretty much lived there on Wed, Fri and Saturday nights when I was a junior and senior in high school. I graduated in 64 and up til then there were no live acts, just a DJ playing records. Not sure when they started with the live music but it was after I was gone off to college. There weren’t any black lights when I used to go there either. I have such great memories of slow dancing on the outside patio with a special guy with the misty rain falling down. Many fond memories of other nights there snuggling by the fireplace, dancing til midnight, many dear friends and always meeting new kids from other towns. No place like it. Wish I could time travel and go back to my nights at the Note.

  8. John Ranazzi says:

    Having spent most of my summers at Grandparents cottage on Gun Lake in the late 60’s, The Note was a Fri-Sat night boat ride to the State Park, where we would tie up the boat, go to concert, them take the boat home

    It was wide open for the groups that played , like Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Buckinghams, & Kenny Rogers & the First Edition
    Great times with very little hassles with the crowd

  9. Dan from Kazoo says:

    I never actually saw The Note as a teenager in 1969. I attended a church camp located across the lake. I remember standing around the campfire at night at prayer time. I couldn’t concentrate on the praying too well as I was listening closely to the sounds of the Outsiders playing “Time Won’t Let Me” wafting across the lake. I remember wishing I’d rather be at the Note!

  10. Judy Allen says:

    We used to drive there from Holland. Always made sure we had cute white shorts on because with the black lights we looked really tan?

  11. Being from Plainwell, we frequented “The Note” on Sat nights during the mid 60s whenever possible. It was always a great time, great music & huge crowds of local teens. Memories of specific “live” acts are getting fuzzy, but since larger teen clubs in SW MI were pretty limited in the mid 60’s, I’m pretty sure it was @ The Note that I saw “Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs” during the 1965-67 period.

  12. Kym says:

    I saw James Brown, and the First Edition with Kenny Rogers…so much fun with the fireplace area, and dance floor…nothing like it since then has rivaled that experience.

  13. Tony Nink says:

    Saw the Buckinghams there and also the Guess Who with Burton Cummings. I remember the “stage” was only a couple feet high and the musicians were very approachable. Missed a concert with The New Colony Six. What a great place. Lots of people from GR and Kazoo. About the time you thought you were lost, there it was! Very fond memories.

  14. Fred Sonic Tiensivu says:

    The Note -saw Alice Cooper and the MC5 there…had so much fun -talked to Wayne Kramer of the 5. Anybody else see them ??

    • mike devries says:

      Yes. I saw alice cooper several times in the west michigan area, including at The Note. And with the MC5, I distinctly remember being outside at The Note when the car carrying the 5 drove up. The band got out and greeted us. What a show that nite. All this in the late sixties and very early seventies. A great time to be a teenager in west michigan.

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