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The Note

Gun Lake – Teen Night Club

Joe McCargar at the left of the Fredric, singing at The Note at Gun Lake

Joe McCargar at the left of the Fredric, singing at The Note at Gun Lake













5 Responses to The Note

  1. Being from Plainwell, we frequented “The Note” on Sat nights during the mid 60s whenever possible. It was always a great time, great music & huge crowds of local teens. Memories of specific “live” acts are getting fuzzy, but since larger teen clubs in SW MI were pretty limited in the mid 60’s, I’m pretty sure it was @ The Note that I saw “Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs” during the 1965-67 period.

  2. Kym says:

    I saw James Brown, and the First Edition with Kenny Rogers…so much fun with the fireplace area, and dance floor…nothing like it since then has rivaled that experience.

  3. Tony Nink says:

    Saw the Buckinghams there and also the Guess Who with Burton Cummings. I remember the “stage” was only a couple feet high and the musicians were very approachable. Missed a concert with The New Colony Six. What a great place. Lots of people from GR and Kazoo. About the time you thought you were lost, there it was! Very fond memories.

  4. Fred Sonic Tiensivu says:

    The Note -saw Alice Cooper and the MC5 there…had so much fun -talked to Wayne Kramer of the 5. Anybody else see them ??

    • mike devries says:

      Yes. I saw alice cooper several times in the west michigan area, including at The Note. And with the MC5, I distinctly remember being outside at The Note when the car carrying the 5 drove up. The band got out and greeted us. What a show that nite. All this in the late sixties and very early seventies. A great time to be a teenager in west michigan.

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