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The Patterns

Grand Rapids – Rock & Soul (Band started 1968) Won the battle of the Bands, Kentwood Auditorium on December 18, 1971. Bassie Cummings, drummer for the Patterns, has amazing stories of the band winning this competition in an all-white environment.  They then went on a tour to southern states and experienced racial rejection that was unexpected for an African American band from West-Michigan.

Band Members:

  • Butch Cook (Lead guitar)
  • Searea Russell Rhythm guitar)
  • Steve Cook (Bass)
  • Jerry Wade (Saxophone)
  • Vickie Upton (Organ)
  • Bassie Cummins (Drummer)
  • Calvin Welch (Congo)
  • Nate Thomas (Lead singer)

One Response to The Patterns

  1. JERRY WADE says:

    the patterns were made up of some very talented musicians. Jerry Wade (saxaphone) now living and teaching music in Grand Rapids, eventually played with such performers as Issac Hayes. The Bar Kays. and Buddy Miles.
    Singer Greg Willams, (Switch) now a L.A. radio personality
    Calvin Welch who now lives in Austrailia, has played with a number of national and international stars. The Patterns along with another local group, the T.M.G’s, were given the task of running the Teenage Night Club on S. Division,

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