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The Rude Awakining

Benton Harbor – formed in 1966, or 1966 c.

Band Members:

  • Dave Machemer (Lead singer)
  • John Armstrong (Rhythm guitar , organ, vocals)
  • Scott Ives (Lead guitar)
  • Ken Lachman (Bass, vocals)
  • Ken Gordon (Drums) 

They had a great time playing Edgar Allen Poe Club in Holland.


One Response to The Rude Awakining

  1. Dave Machemer says:

    Rude Awakening -formed in Benton Harbor Michigan, I believe 1966
    Lead singer-Dave Machemer
    Rhythm guitar , organ, vocals-John Armstrong
    Lead guitar-Scott Ives
    Bass-vocals-Ken Lachman
    Drums-Ken Gordon

    What a great time playing Edgar Allen Poe Club

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