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Tom Minelli

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The Mystic Cycle – (Guitar)


3 Responses to Tom Minelli

  1. Brandon Crapo says:

    Didnt minelli play in bands named “chant” and “street legal” some time after the disbanding of force but before the essentials?

  2. Brandon Crapi says:

    Tommy is a charter member of “the essentials”, a cover band which plays exclusively in mt pleasant at rubbles bar which he has owned since 1990. The essentials are a fun band to watch.

  3. Skeeter (Shelly) Ferrell says:

    Great pictures!! After Mystic Cycle broke up guitarist Tommy Minelli was a charter member of the Michigan band Force (originally “Phoenix”) until their breakup in 1982. He now owns “Rubbles” bar and plays there with his own band “The Essentials”. Brother and Mystic Cycle drummer Mark Minelli is a professor at CMU and still plays locally. Both Minellis still reside in their hometown of Mt. Pleasant Michigan.

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