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Tonto and the Renegades

Grand Ledge – Sound of the Sceen (Teenage Nightclub)

Gary “Tonto” Richey (Bass, vocals) Terry Slocum (Lead guitar, vocals) Tom Kirby (Drums) Bill Ford (Rhythm, vocals) Jeff Keast (Keyboard, vocals)

Tonto and the Renegades

Tonto & the Renegades – “Little Boy Blue” – (LANSING ’60s Garage Rock)


Tonto & the Renegades – “Anytime You Want Some Lovin'” – (Lansing ’60s Garage Rock)


Tonto & the Renegades – “The Easy Way Out” – (LANSING ’60s Garage Rock)



Tonto & the Renegades – Interview on WMMQ-FM

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(Bottom - Top) Gary "Tonto" Richey (Bass, vocals) Tom Kirby (Drums) Terry Slocum (Lead, vocals) Bill Ford (Rhythm, vocals)
(L - R) Gary "Tonto" Richey (Bass, vocals) Tom Kirby (Drums) Terry Slocum (Lead, vocals) Bill Ford (Rhythm, vocals)
(L - R) Gary "Tonto" Richey (Bass, vocals) Tom Kirby (Drums) Terry Slocum (Lead, vocals) (Back) Bill Ford (Rhythm, vocals)
far left on hood - Bill standing on left - Gary in car - Tom standing on right - Terry on top - Jeff Keast (Keyboard, vocals)
(L - R) Jeff Least (Keyboards, vocals) Terry Slocum (Lead, vocals) Tom Kirby (Drums) Gary "Tonto" Richey (Bass, vocals) Bill Ford (Rhythm, vocals)
out window left - Gary, first standing - Jeff, center out window - Bill, far right standing - Terry, on top - Tom Kirby
(L - R) Jeff Keast (Keyboard, vocals) Tom Kirby (Drums) Gary "Tonto" Richey (Bass, vocals) Bill Ford (Rhythm, vocals) Terry Slocum (Lead, vocals)
Bill Ford (Rhythm, vocals) Terry Slocum (Lead, vocals) Tom Kirby (Drums) Gary "Tonto" Richey (Bass, vocals)
Club Ponytail in Tunnel September 1967
At Club Ponytail


This is a logo for the band that Tom Kirby created:

This is a rare shot of the inside of the Sparta Great Lakes recording studio form 1966.Tonto and the Renegades with David Kalmbach, the engineer at Great Lakes.

Gary is holding our first record with the yellow label. Pictured left to right: Terry, Tom Kirby, Dave Kalmbach, Gary (front), Bill Ford (back) and Jeff Keast.



Interior of Fenton Studios during a recording of “Tonto and the Renagades”






















Home » Tonto and the Renegades » Tonto and the Renagades
Tonto & The Renegades_Gary 1
Tonto & The Renegades_Gary 2
Tonto & The Renegades_Dave
Tom_Roof 1
Tonto & The Renegades_Tom 2
Tonto & The Renegades_Tom 3
Tonto & The Renegades_Tom 4
Tonto & The Renegades_Tom 5
Tonto & The Renegades_Terry 1
Tonto & The Renegades_Terry 2
Tonto & The Renegades_Terry 3
In Studio Sparta
Band Packing Van
Teen Chalet Gaylord
Teen Chalet Gaylord

Tom Kirby drummer and Gary Tonto Richie bass and vocals) from the 1960s Grand Ledge rock group Tonto and the Renegades hold two of the records made by the group. Alan Miller LCN

‘Tonto and the Renegades’ among Michigan’s Rock and Roll Legends – Story in Lansing State Journal











Recollections of the Sceen courtesy of Tom Kirby of Tonto and the Renegades:

“We were fortunate, we saw or played with the Bossmen, The Ones, The Woolies and the Beaux Jens all the time. In fact we all would follow each other around the State on tour. There was a lot of great music there. Our agent would arrange the tours. Each of our tours started at The Sceen. Don Trefry was our agent and he also owned The Sceen. On occasion, all of us would play a set on the same night. The hardest part of that was there were 5 bands and The Sceen had 4 stages. But, that wasn’t that bad. Usually at least one of the bands couldn’t hang around after their set. But, what a night of music at The Sceen.”

The Woolies Flyer


Don Trefry’s Business Card

































4 Responses to Tonto and the Renegades

  1. Tom Kirby says:


    I di not create the logo, only a vaiation of the original. The original drumhead logo was created by Den Preston of Lansing. Den has done several band logo’s, but ours was his very first. In the original, the Indian is holding a TomaHawk which I changed to a Peacepipe with smoke siginals. I suppose I can get away with a little artistic liberty. Ha, I tal like I can paint or am an artist. But, thank you for posting this. I think it’s one of the neatest logo’s ever.

  2. admin says:

    Tom Kirby of Tonto and the Renegades supplied some of his very cool Tonto logo/ artwork recently. Check it out on the Tonto and the Renegades page!

  3. tom kirby says:

    Thanks you for the kind words, Mike. The 60’s were the most exciting time in musical history. I am proud to have been a part of the music revolution/evolution which occurred during that era. The song you mentioned is the number 14 all time Legendary Song by a Michigan Artist and has been inducted into Michigan Rock And Roll Legends. It is truly an honor to have been a part of a band and the song which played a small part in shaping and direction music was taking back then.

    And, thank you Mid-Michigan Music Hysterical Society for keeping the memories, music and the spirit of Tonto and the Renegades alive today for others to enjoy.

    Tom Kirby
    Drummer – Tonto and the Renegades

  4. Mikr Dugo says:

    It’s good to see Tonto & The Renegades represented here. One listen to their four recorded songs proves how talented they were, and they were destined for bigger and better things had fate not intervened. As it is, ‘Little Boy Blue’ is an all-time garage punk classic, and the group will forever be remembered because of it.

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