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Union Made Band


Band Members (Reformed 2011):

  • Steve Flaska (Drums)
  • Mike Pearo (Lead singer)
  • Stein (Chris) Crancer
  • Don Mickelson
  • John Pykonen (Lead guitar, vocals)


Band Members (As of 2013):

  • Mike Pearo (Guitar, keyboards, vocals)
  • John Pykonen (Lead guitar, vocals)
  • Lenaila Six (Bass)
  • Craig Thompson-Masters (Drums)

In 1968 the band changed it’s name to Dead Body Incorporated.

Contact: (616) 520-5796





One Response to Union Made Band

  1. Mike Pearo says:

    The Union Made Band is now based out of Fremont and includes original members Mike Pearo and John Pykonen as of May of 2013. The band reformed in 2011 and it’s members now are Mike Pearo (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards), John Pykonen (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Lenaila Six (Bass Guitar) and Craig Thompson-Masters (Drums). They can be contacted at 616 520-5796.

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