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18 Responses to VENUES

  1. C D says:

    The Holland Armory held dances on weekends in Holland, though not every week. The dances were in the basement. Don’t know who promoted them, but they were popular, and had good bands.

  2. Lauri Bosma says:

    What was the foc’sle before.there were many bars at that location …

    • admin says:

      I believe that building was built for the Foc’sle, because there was nothing there before that, that I recall. My old boss John Moscher (Big Boy’s) bought it from them and I opened it for John. I was his first manager, yep you could go in there and get a Big Boy and a beer if you wanted. The place was packed 7 nights a week, with kids from Calvin and Aquinas. Doug Taylor – Admin

  3. James A Camp says:

    Two more hot spots with live music in Kzoo. 140 Portage ST just off Michigan Ave. downtown. THE BACK DOOR was rock & roll (street level. THE FRONT DOOR was upstairs 2nd floor country music (Dick Root Band was one) next to Cekola’s Pizza. Fun times early 70’s till the 1980 tornado made that old building a nice parking lot. good music,fond memories. Joe Cekola ran these two clubs,more in Detroit

  4. JIM CAMP says:

    JOHNNY’S BANDSTAND !! Custer,Michigan

  5. Joyce Ruby Berman says:

    Do u have an upcoming schedule where you will be performing?

    Heard you last nite in saugatauck. Live in south haven.
    New to west side of state.

    Love the music!

  6. Please add River City Saloon to your venues.

  7. Abby J Smith says:

    I used to have a nightly circuit in the mid-70s through The White Rabbit (met my husband there), East Town Saloon, The Beirmiester (terrific jazz) and one other club out in East Town (next to the Beirmiester). Can you research and provide any information on these venues? Those were the best of times!!! Always topped the evening of with breakfast at Just Breakfast!

    • Doug Taylor says:

      Abby, Please leave info separate for each bar/lounge. We only post bars/lounges that had entertainment. Please leave name of venue, address, maybe some groups that played there, any stories you have of course. And going out to breakfast always topped the night off, we use to go for Mexican food at either 503, Acapulco, Alamatina, Feista, Adobe, El Sombrero, now it’s Taco Bell. Please send to e-mail: WMMusicHystericalSociety@yahoo.com Thanks, Doug

  8. Tom M. says:

    Some local music venues to consider adding to your list:
    Kentwood Roller Rink (aka “Bowen’s”) on 52nd St. at Division – Kentwood
    Wyoming Armory on 44th St. west of 131
    Southern BBQ at 4157 S. Division (demolished)

    We have photos of several Wyoming venues on our Facebook account (Wyoming History-Room), including Chez Ami.

  9. julian casarez says:

    We played the Grand Haven Roller Rink and Ballroom many times.WTRU disc jockey Don Anderson hosted.The place was always packed.

  10. Dick Kandalec says:

    Whatever happened to The Grand Haven Ballroom? Lots of big time bands played there over the years.

  11. Denise Flikkema says:

    Will you please add us to your venues
    Grattan Irish Pub
    Rockford Michigan

  12. David Barton says:

    Please add us to venues and thanks for doing this site

    • admin says:

      Ben, Your welcome and glad that you like our site. We will add your name to the Venues list. And I had a great time at your place Saturday Night. Thanks

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