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Vic Amato

OZZ (Bass)

17 Responses to Vic Amato

  1. Robert Stanton says:

    looking to get the live vic amato and company cd I use to work at dannt j’s

  2. Smitty says:

    Danny J’s, holy shit! The first bar I got into when I was 17. Then in 1978 I saw Charlie with Ted Nugent at the Texas Jam (not knowing he was in the band), and it was the best concert I have ever been to, and the loudest.

  3. Jim Russell says:

    we are friends of Greg Dolphins family. How can we get the CD?

    • Daniel Taylor says:

      Hi Jim,
      I am working on putting the recordings up on Youtube. I have permission from, Ed Buchanan, who recorded it live and Vito Amato, but am awaitng on Charlie Huhn’s response through Facebook. I guess I am going to have to call, Charlie. If you have any pictures of Greg in the band, please email them to me at dan.taylor.sr@gmail.com. Much appreciated.
      Kind regards,
      Dan Taylor
      a.k.a. Satch Tola

  4. Lindy Paulson says:

    very interested in this CD. Vic played at a lot of EGR spreads (1971). I was a friend of Rosie’s. I remember Vic and his band showing up to play. He had been on his BSA and got broad-sided by a car. He showed up an played with a broken leg! What a guy.

  5. Don hess says:

    Knew a aMato family who had a cottage on leach lake in hastings back in the 50’s. is Vic one of them?

  6. Gary Lauff says:

    Prior to this line up of the Vic Amato Band, with Greg Dolphin, on bass, I auditioned for Vic Amato and Charlie Huhn on bass guitar. We practiced in a home’s garage, in the summertime, near Sherwood & Burton, Grand Rapids, which I believe, was Vic’s parent’s or possibly, his uncle’s home. I had answered a classified ad for: “musicians wanted,” in the Grand Rapids Press, which was the main source for musicians to network, at the time (WAY before computers, craigslist, Myspace, etc.) When I arrived, Charlie was stringing up a brand new looking white Fender Stratocaster with new, replacement strings. He made conversation while re-stringing it, saying that he had just graduated from college and will be very rusty, because the guitar was just taken out of storage for the first time in a great while of non-use, from his parent’s home’s bedroom closet, while he was away to college! lol At the time, I thought that was just an excuse to explain why he may play lame! I remember, Charlie’s Strat kept going out of tune, due to the new strings continually stretching. But, it didn’t matter much, because, unfortunately, I made the HUGE mistake of deciding to travel light, by only bringing my Fender Princeton Reverb GUITAR amp to play my Hofner Beatle Bass through, opting to be lazy and leave my 100 watt 1967 Fender Dual Showman cabinet and 1969 Fender Bassman speaker cabinet, with two JBL 15″ woofers, home! VERY BAD IDEA! I think that’s what cost me the audition, because, they constantly complained that they couldn’t hear my bass, and for me to turn up the volume. When I maxed out the Princeton, the guitar frequency range speaker just could not reproduce my bass low frequencies, at high volume, and they were NOT impressed! I never got called back for a second practice. I never scrimped on amp wattage again ever again, ESPECIALLY for a first audition! Lesson learned! The ironic part of all of this is, years before The Vic Amato Band became the house band at Danny J’s Lounge, I played bass at that same venue, in a rock band called: The Fluid Ounce, with Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen, on lead vocals, who later became front man and lead vocalist for the band: “Toto!” I still have reel to reel tape recordings of us playing cover songs of the day, like: “Light My Fire, by the Doors, etc. We played there in 1969. The rest is history!

  7. Timothy Van Hill says:

    Man those were the days, Danny J’s on Division with Charley Huhn. Drinking age was 18, man was that ever a mistake, lol. Bars just arn’t the same any more…

    • Dan says:

      Victor (Vito) C. Amato, Charlie Huhn and Greg Dolphin…the hottest power trio ever to come out of western Michigan. I now have the CD of the live cuts from Danny J’s recorded in 1976. I am so stoked! Their version of All Along The Watchtower is absolutely the best cover that any power trio has accomplished. Tight and very full sounding! Vito’s double bass kicking was phenomenal and with Greg’s bass playing, they really filled the hole for Charlie working the guitar! The other songs are fantastic as well. Hard to believe it is a live recording and being in 1976, it still sounds absolutely amazing.


        • dan says:

          I am currently in correspondence with Mr. Victor. C. Amato awaiting a response. I have had too many requests and it breaks my heart that this music will not get heard, unless it is spread out. Whatever, Vito, says though will go. I have the highest respect for Vito and Charlie.

          • Dan Taylor says:

            Still awaiting a reply from, Vito. I am thinking this is not going to happen folks and I do not want to pester, Vito, anymore. I will get back if it is a definite yes.

            • Daniel L. Taylor Sr. says:

              Vic Amato and Company, LIVE at Danny J’s Lounge, 1976 CD is available. The cost is $15.00, plus $2.50 to mail to Grand Rapids, MI area. All proceeds go to Vic Amato. I make zero profits on this. Contact Kim Rush via this website. He will give you my email address. Thank you.
              Kind regards,
              Dan Taylor

              • Jerry Bufka says:

                Hi Dan,

                Kim’s e-mail link is not working. Do you have a new one? I spent many a night Danny J’s the summer of ’77 after turning 18 and loved Vic Amato & Company and would be interested in a CD if you still have one for sale. I had a 4 song recording on cassette I got from a friend at WLAV back in the day but I’ve long since lost it. I must have sen them 30 times that summer ( yes, I probably spent too much time at the bar after turning 18 that summer). Does anyone remember Blindman’s Bluff? The used to lay at the Rusty Nail Bar around the same time and were also really good

              • brian seeley says:

                Very interested in getting this cd..I live in Six Lakes,Mi and realize the postage will be more..Any info you can provide will be greatly appreciated

              • Jackie Walters says:

                Greetings, Any chance I get still get a copy of Vic Amato and Company? I’d be forever grateful…Thanks, Jackie

              • Brad Bloomquist says:

                Dan, would love a cd of Vic Amato & Co. Any chance ?

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