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The Sandpipers

Reed City – Played “The Place” in Grand Rapids Sept 3, 1966 – Evolved into “The Good Things” (See “The Good Things”)

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  1. Rod DeWitt says:

    The band’s name was actually “The Sandpipers”. They kept the name until confusion arose with the “other” Sandpipers who had the hit “Guantanamera”. They eventually changed their name to “The Good Things” that featured Ronnie Miller (Reed City) on bass, Chuck Bowden (Big Rapids) on Drums, David Szot (Big Rapids) on guitar, Roger Harcourt (Cadilac) on guitar, and myself on Hammond B3. The Good Things ended in 1967 with Roger joining “Lyn & The Invaders” (Grand Rapids) and myself eventually joining Band X (Manistee) with my good friend Jay Fortier. I presently play with Jay in “Bo White & The Bluezers”, featuring Howard Wilson on guitar, Monty Montgomery on guitar, Larry Foster on drums, and the Bo White on vocals. Cool site! You can’t imagine my surprise from seeing “The Sandpipers” !

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