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Grand Rapids (started as a 3 piece rock group 1963-1969)

Band Members:

  • Mike Howard (Rhythm & lead guitar, lead singer)
  • Bill Marlette (Rhythm & lead guitar, vocals)
  • John Voshell (Drums)

The recording members of the band from 1967 to 1969 were Mike Howard (Rhythm & lead guitar, lead singer) Jim Ponchaud (Bass) Bob Speak (Keyboards, vocals) Dick Norgrove (Drums) Wes Wolosecky (Rhythm guitar, backup vocals 67-68ish)
They recorded the two songs at a studio on West Leonard in Grand Rapids in a couple hours. A total of 1500 copies were made.

1967 to 1969  they recorded their two records, If you Love Me and Ya Ha Be Be.

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