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Craig Davis

Last Train Out – (Guitar, vocals)

Craig Davis

Craig Davis-Guitar & Vocals

By J William Ryan-The Music Scene Inc

What do get when you cross Jeff Beck with Chet Atkins?

Craig Davis.

The conductor of the LTO express, Craig Davis has put his years of experience, immense talent and energy into putting together one of the most complete and entertaining bands in the area. Growing up in the 70’s, the youthful Davis cut his chops on Beck, Page, Satriani, and Trower. His amazing attention to detail, keen ear, and flawless execution make Davis one of the most sought after and respected guitarists. His talents have placed him on the big stage with legendary bands and acts like Molly Hatchett, Blackfoot, and Blue Man Group.

Davis’s versatility, song writing skills, eye for talent, and death defying speed on the frets has created the perfect storm that is LTO. But it goes beyond his precise picking…Davis is also a crooner, handling many of the lead vocals on songs and offering harmonious support to many others.

No matter what hat he’s wearing; be it a cowboy hat, a striped conductor hat, or the ultimate rock and roll do-rag, know that Craig Davis will wear it well.



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