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Dennie Middleton

Grand Rapids – denniemiddleton.com


Dennie Middleton, a veteran of Michigan’s entertainment scene, most likely started taking music seriously while in the womb according to his parents… but also as a member of Larry Averys Golden Garter Review, a college showcase band at Dills Saloon in Traverse City Michigan. He spent a year in L.A. playing “pay to play ” rock shows in Hollywood and doing background acting for NBC and ABC.

He co-founded the worlds first ROCK N ROLL COMEDY DUET THE BIMINI BROTHERS A 3 hour tour/show of gut laughs, sick and wrong humor, parody and flat out butchering of conservative american values……(The other, taller Bimini Brother Dens best bud and fellow Sparta Michigan native, Nick Lewis.) Imagine a co -show with Tenacious D ? That would be stupid. About this time Den also began his studio career singing jingles ( and recording actual, serious, thoughtful original music). As a Rick Springfield fan, Mids hook filled Pop Rock song writing has brought he and bandmates to Capitol Records in Hollywood. He has released 2 CD’s in the past 8 years and is in the studio working on a new CD of his serious original music featuringCalling All Gods. The CD will consist of studio works that Middleton has written and recorded over his career. *Sorry Bim Heads,there will not be any dumb ass comedy songs on this one.* Some tracks will be “unplugged studio demos / first cut versions” of familiar songs by Dennie on tracks not heard before. Pretty cool stuff has been found in the vaults at River City Studios. Stay tuned. The very appropriate target name of this release will be: THERE’S ANOTHER SIDE.

Middleton and his rock band THE HYPE have shared the concert stage with basically every Classic Rock format band you hear on FM radio today, BTO, 3 DOG NIGHT, BOSTON, DEVO, MEATLOAF, B.O.C, ALICE COOPER,JOE WALSH, EDDIE MONEY, 38 SPECIAL, LOVERBOY, THE KINKS, MARSHAL TUCKER, BLACKFOOT… ETC… For the past ten years, or so, Dennie has been doing a solo music / comedy show, and doing the “Big Deck” circuit with drummer pal B-Radley Franck. (Some of Middletons original comedy / parody has aired on morning radio nationally.) Call Bob and Tom… They have the Pornos n Cheedos song. Dennie was the Entertainment Director at THE BOB, a popular DUELING PIANOS Grand Rapids nightspot, for two years and is still a featured performer at many clubs in West Michigan. You can find him about 4 nights a week around the mighty city of Van Rapids and during the summer months at The Kirby in Grand Haven and other 3rd coast clubs. But just a friendly reminder… if you ever request PIANO MAN he will have your asses kicked out of the bar, finish your beer, follow you home …. then kill your favorite pet. Have a nice day ?

  • Dennie’s wife Tracie is simply stunning and…. (the most beautiful girl in the world), they were married barefoot on a beach in a warmer climate march 12th, 2011.
  • Dennie’s dad knows someone . . .
  • Dennie’s 15 year old son is named McCartney Clare
  • Dennie’s brother Doug is the guy whistling on “Benny and the Jets”.
  • Dennie’s mom “Tudy” is a great singer; she performed on the Arthur Godfrey show as a teenager and just performed at the international Sweet Adeline’s competition in Seattle.
  • Dennie was the first player in Sparta high school’s football history to wear all white socks and cleats. He ran the 40 in 4.3 seconds……. But he only ran a 10.35 100. He quit the varsity basketball team to drink beer with his pals from Greenville and get in shape for track. Currently he is really out of shape, but on occasion, almost quick………sorta…..somewhat……
  • Dennie assists Randy Springer… satisfaction guaranteed
  • Dennie’s solo album release investment packages available.
  • Do you feel like being an executive producer? ( studio / production costs )
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