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Denny Larsen

Heavy Soul, Judy Barr and the United Sound, Ripple, Larsen Brothers, Freeflow, Original Larsen Brothers (Lead guitar, vocals)

Denny Larsen


Heavy Soul 1968-71 Jim Herington Rythmn guitar vocals and John Herington drums and vocals

Judy Barr and the United Sound 1971

Ripple 1971-72 Jim Stahl keyboards and vocal Kenny Hoogewind bass and vocals Rick Hortsmenough rythmn and lead guitar vocals Randy ? drums and Denny Newville

The Larsen Brothers 1971- present Mike Larsen rythmn guitar and vocals Kenny Hoogewind bass and vocals Joe Kelly lead and rythmn guitar, steel drummers Mike Baugus Dave Bogecki Chip Madsen Don Selby Leehman Wexlin and all sang vocals now Don Shepherd drums and sings

Freeflow Bob Reily bass and vocals Dave Spenser rythmn and lead guitar vocals Don Selby Drums and vocal and Dave Selby bass and vocals

My brother had a band around 1965 called the Shandells Walt Cross guitar Ron Barry Guitar Drums Rick Vanantwerp. I was 11yrs. Old then and got interested in learning. Soon took lessons with Tom Carter at Middleton’s. My neighbor Jim Herington also started lessons and we formed Heavy Soul band with his brother John on drums. We entered the Junior Achievement talent show and won 1st in the state playing Jimi Hendrixs Fire great drumming by John!

At 17 joined Ripple, great band top 40’s. Also began teaching  guitar at Middleton’s and later Grinnels. Played with Judy Barr for a few shows they were headed to play a new club at the Grand Canyon but I choose not to go. The Larsen Brothers began playing around West Michigan and spent 1974-78 as the Adobe’s house band formerly the Stardust. Then we went back to the bar circuit. I quit the Larsen Brothers in 1986. Lincoln Lake Pavilion called me looking for a group so I called some friends we met at the bar with our song lists deciding who sang what and what key., we ending getting a job there for the summer. It was a great bar but burnt down along with Dick’s Lakeside Crooked Lake and the Gowen Bar.

I rejoined with my brother in 1988 wee still play at benefits and parties a few times a year. Mike now has formed a Christian country group still with Kenny, Don, Joe and new member Jeff Lead guitar and steel, they are really good! They are called the Larsen Brothers even though I’m not in the band, but if I play we are billed as the Original Larsen Brothers still playing rock oldies country and blues.

Influences were my brother my mother who still always sings and hums songs around the house, our neighbor Kim Weighouse his band The Pedestrians would let me listen as they practiced.

I’ve always liked rock, outlaw country and blues.

My brother wrote lyrics and we worked together on arrangements together. Rodeo Clown wqs an original on a WCUZ album of local bands. Recorded at Bill Hendrickson studio in Jenison. Then in 1977 we recorded a CD After All These Years 17 songs 8 originals. I also wrote a few instrumentals for it. Recorded on Leonard at Digital Sound. We made it to share with Family and friends never tried to go commercial with it. Thanks  again Denny Larsen

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