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Dick Beatty

Drums, some vocals.

The Eschelons 1958-1966, Familiar Feelings 1966-1987, Gold Rush 1987-1991, Spellbound 1994-1995, Chance Encounter 1996-2001, The Eschelons 2005-Present

Eschelons Album:



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  1. Evans DeVries says:

    Hi Doug, After talking with Terry Gardner, I am reminded that I forgot to mention that Ken Nelson was there on the 4th, too. Ken plays bass with a local surf rock band, the Woofers. He also plays string bass in the Hall Street 6. He’s from Chicago, originally. He started on guitar and switched to bass. Sorry I forgot to mention him, but that’s what happens when you get there late: you don’t get credit for being there.

  2. Evans DeVries says:

    Doug, Larry played at Blythfield in the mid-60’s. He then went back to South Africa until the 80’s when he and his family moved here and became citizens. Both he and Steve Schultz are in one of the groups that I currently play with, called the Hall Street Six (or sometimes just Hall Street). It is a group of mostly doctors who still want to play. The group plays Dixieland, swing, jazz and standards. This shouldn’t be confused with Dick Bereza’s Doc’s of Dixieland, also medical types who play Dixie for charity. Schultz’s son-in-law is John Proulx (from Grand Rapids) who is a jazz pianist and who won a Grammy a couple of years ago. Steve had a scholarship to play jazz in under graduate school but went into oral surgery rather than music.

  3. Evans DeVries says:

    At my table on November 4th were Larry Broomberg and Steve Schultz. Larry is originally from South Africa. In the mid ’60’s he was a student at Kendell School of Design. He had played in London, UK and on cruse ships before he came here. He worked for Grinell’s and played organ in the restaurant at Blythfield Country Club. Steve is a sax player friend of Larry’s and mine originally from St. Louis who was working on the West Side and decided to join us for lunch to hear about out music scene.

    • admin says:

      Evans, that was great to hear their background, as we should make pages for them and they can give us their info, pictures and stuff. Did Larry play music here in GR? I think there was like 5-7 drummers there. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to spend more time at your table, but their was way too much going on. Kim and I have finally realized that a smaller group is a little better. There was almost 30 there this time. These meetings keep getting bigger and bigger. Great time with everybody, but not enough time with everybody. Sorry Kenny Gordon, as I didn’t really get to chat with you, like I planned, maybe next time. The girls from the 6 Pak band said they really enjoyed themselves and would like to come again. Everybody is welcome back, as they are fun. Tommy Davis you have good stories and Dale Thomas, I hope your feeling better, Paul Magnan, finally got to meet you and no time to talk. John Sanger your a hoot. The name tags were really a neat idea and very helpful, so Thanks Bruce Snoap for the heads up on that one. I know we have to let the waitress know ahead of time how many are coming. Regards, Doug Taylor

  4. Dick Beatty says:

    We had our 5th meeting Nov,4th,30 people were there,sitting there Looking at Mary And Cindy from The Six Pak,My drum teacher Evans Devries,talked to Bruce Snoap from the Kingtones,my friend Kenny Gordon,Bob Brock,filling Kim and Doug in on the history of Polish music in the area,talking to my old friend Kieth Seccombe,from Me and Dem Guys and The Dead End Kids,got a chance to sit and Talk to Paul Collins,a very successful artist,Gary Hunt and Bob Becker,radio people from this area, if I had not been involved in the music scene in this area I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to do that,if you get invited or hear about a meeting please contact this site,I’m a very lucky man to have been in a band all these years,if you are in or have been in a band you know what I am talking about THANK YOU ALL FOR LETTING ME DO THIS FOR SO LONG. Dick Beatty.

    • admin says:

      Others at the Meeting, that I can recall:

      Mary and Cindy from the 6 Pak (All girls band from the 60s), Dale Thomas, John Sanger, Dick Beatty, Kim Rush, Doug Taylor, Keith Seccombe, Gary Hunt, Bob Becker, Evans DeVries, Terry Gardner, Tommy Davis, Kenny & Beth Gordon, Gary Sironen, Bill Van Ness, Bruce Snoap, Ruth Ann Scott and a host of others, whom I can’t recall at the moment. Paul Collins and Levi Rickert happened to be there and joined Kenny and Beth Gordon at their table. Anybody that knows somebody that was not there and not on this list, please add them to it, in a reply. There was 2 other people I did not know at Evans DeVries table and 1 or 2 possible people I have missed, but the best turn out so far and everybody, seemed to have a good time. Thanks to all of you that showed up!!! Doug Taylor

  5. Dick Beatty says:

    I have been to all of the meetings of wmmhs,I must say I have talked to some good old friends,I will try to put them here,LIN NOWICKI,BRUCE SNOAP,RON BEATTY,AL BISCHOFF,JAY FORTIER,KENNY GORDON, RUTH ANN SCOTT,LEE VIRGINS,BOB VANSTEE,BOB RIELLY,MICK NOONAN,SUE GRENIER, I know I’m leaving someone off,I’m sorry I am gettin old.A big Thanks to Kim Rush and Doug Taylor for putting this site together,there is a great deal of music history in this area and I am proud to be a part of it.

    Dick Beatty

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