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Fast Eddie


Grand Rapids – 1971

Jack Bricker, lead vocals and guitar; Dave Pryce, guitar and vocals, Doug Mull (?) on bass; and Tom Davis on drums

Fast Eddie recorded a single containing Hey Lou and Do You Wanna Make Love. The copyright date is 1971, the number on the 45 is 1046. This recording was produced by Fast Eddie and the “Engineers” are listed as “Charlie” (Cortright?) and “Aris” (Hampers?).  The musicians on the tracks are Jack Bricker, lead vocals and guitar, Dave Pryce, guitar and vocals, Doug Mull (?) on bass, and Tom Davis on drums.

Click on the links below to listen to Fast Eddie’s songs:

29 Hey Lou



The following four items were provided by Andy Rundquist:


Fast Eddie record sleeve:














Back of Fast Eddie record sleeve:














Label Scans for Fast Eddie recording:















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  1. admin says:

    Sincere appreciation to Andy Rundquist for helping us to correct the following error: we previously posted information on the Root Beer Stand Band page that actually belonged on the Fast Eddie page! So we created a Fast Eddie page and transferred this information to it! Andy also supplied record label scans as well as scans of the record sleeve which are also posted on the Fast Eddie (band) page. (Kim Rush)

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