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Grand Rapids – (Later the Avengers)

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3 Responses to Flintstones

  1. Bob Reilly says:

    Rick I’m hoping you remember me ( Bob Reilly ) . I saw your post and just had to drop in and say hi.I saw Geno this summer for the first time in , well actually I can’t remember how long. I’m sure it’s been since high school days that i’ve seen you.Hope you are doing well. What a gas to see The Flintstons name , sure got my attention. One of the original garage bands ! Take care , Bob.

    • Rick Dodge says:

      Hello Bob . Nice to hear from you . Hope you are doing well . Geno calls once in a while . I went in to the Marines after high school and lost touch with all the bands back in the day . Keep in touch . Rick

  2. Rick Dodge says:

    Hello, My name is Rick Dodge . I played drums with Tommy Carter and the Ramrods in 1962 . We recorded a record ; Side A Flying Saucer Twist, Side B Twisting Boogie . After that Gene Anderson, lead guitar and Paul Schaub on rhthym guitar and I on drums started another band named the Flinstones . Later we changed the name to the Avengers . We played in 1962 ans 1963 mostly at WLAV and WGRD dances. DJ’s Skip Bell or Bill Merchant would call us to be their live entertainment at local dances . We played in the ” Battle of the Bands ” at the Civic Auditorium ( I think we took 1st place ) , the old Armory , Grand Haven ” Beech Bashes “, and all the Catholic Schools dances that they DJ ed . Thank You for your interest . Rick

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