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Jerry “The Deacon” Davis

Fray, Dirk Rivers, Lucky Star, The Fabulous Rockabillys, Beveridge Brothers Band, Larry Ballard, Bad Manor, Chuck Bob Carnes, Commander Cody, Gungor, Coffied, Houghton, Reynolds, Desire, Dave Walker from Savoy Brown, and C.O.D in Cali.



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3 Responses to Jerry “The Deacon” Davis

  1. Larry Cartwright says:

    Hey Jer,
    Haven’t seen you in a very long time!
    Hope yer doin well!

  2. Rich Adams says:

    Jerry: This is Rich Adams that worked at the Elbow Room back in the mid-70’s. Would like to hear from you….Rich richlynn1659@sbcglobal.net

  3. Jerry Davis says:

    Hey Kim, This is cool. 13th hour I was never in though. Did play with The Fabulous Rockabillys, Commander Cody, Dave Walker[from Savoy Brown, Gatemouth Brown. AND C.O.D in Cali. Like the site keep goin……. Deacon!

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