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Lee Virgins

El Dupreys, Kingtones, Al Green’s Creations, Al Greene & The Soul Mates, Gospel Believers

Vocalist and gospel music concert promoter

Lee Virgins was a vocalist for the El Dupreys, a doo-wop group that was performing in the early 1960s in Grand Rapids. They recorded a single with the Kingtones, supplying the backup vocals. He also sang for Al Green’s groups called the Creations (1964-1966) and Al Greene & The Soul Mates with Al’s brother Robert Greene and in 1967-8 before Al  left Grand Rapids and eventually became a successful recording artist.


Much of the Gospel Believers enduring success is due to the assistance of gospel concert producer and manager Lee Virgins, who has also enjoyed a lengthy career as both a singer and promoter. Lee shared his vocal talents with Al Green in the 1960s, before the future Reverend Green left Grand Rapids to become a popular entertainer. Lee has been promoting the Gospel Believers since their start, and has recently secured a recording contract for the group with Detroit-based Crew Records.

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