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R&R, Natchez Trace, The Trace (Road Manager, roadie)

Rex Slingerland

Rex has been working with Natchez Trace, and now “The Trace” as our personal “roadie” for several years!  He is our all around guru; helping the band with everything from setting up and tearing down equipment; assisting with sound checks; acting as liaison between the band, venue and fans as we perform; making sure we get on and off stage on time; keeping a watchful eye on our hydration in severe heat conditions (even bringing towels for each member of the band when needed!) managing a plethora of tasks at the gig; handling a variety of situations and circumstances on site and generally helping out in any way he can – all with positive energy and a quick smile.  We are so grateful to have Rex The Roadie on our team!  Here’s a little bit more about Rex The Roadie ~“The Trace” Road Manager:





Rex Slingerland:  Music lover since birth! I started singing in choirs in 2nd grade and continued through high school. In 1970, I was chosen for the Owosso High School Acapella Choir and we recorded a record album of Christmas music, one of twelve choirs selected in the nation to do an album.  In the 80’s, I was a member of a song and dance troupe called “A Touch of Class” and did performances through out the Kalamazoo area.  I have tried to play the piano and guitar for many years without much success!  I am a retired teacher (35 years) and avid private pilot.  I work for the Grand Haven Airport as the assistant to the Airport Manager, part time. This assist’s with the cost of flying my airplanes.  I started following the band as R&R music and then Natchez Trace! I started doing roadie stuff 3 or 4 years ago. I wrote and performed a song called a Farewell from Me to You at Natchez Trace’s last performance!  When the band changed to “The Trace,” I was asked if I wanted to continue as Roadie, so I did!  I love my job; plus Robin, Steve, Mark and all the new friends I have made doing this roadie stuff!


Farwell From Me To You: By Rex Slingerland

All the band is here but their gonna go

Separate ways out that door

I hate to see the breakup it’s goodbye

But the time has come and the change will too

The only thing that I wish for you

Is friendships to remain long and true


So wish with me the best for them

All great things come to their end

Remember them so they never really go


Their leaving the band that’s true

But it’s been good for us and you

The band it’s time to go


There’s so many times you’ve played the town

So many times we’ve not been around

Don’t I know how really sad that is


Since now you’re going we will miss you

Wishing Natchez Trace the best from me to you

I bid you all farewell and your music too



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