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Test 2

Bob Reinhardt – Grand Rapids – AKA Bob and The Rockbillies, Bob and the Bandits, Bobby Bond

Bob Reinhardt picture from 1964 GRP article

Left to Right: Jerry Lewis, Bob Reinhardt and Jim Braisted


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8 Responses to Test 2

  1. admin says:

    Matt, I am trying to contact you. I already wrote you an email. Please respond to kimdonaldrush@hotmail.com There are 2 people that I know that probably played with your dad on the first Bob Reinhardt single in 1958. Thank you, Kim Rush, West Mich Music Hysterical Society

  2. admin says:

    We have recently posted two pictures of Bob Reinhardt on the Bobby Bond page. During his career his bands were known as Bob and the Rockbillies, Bob and the Bandits, and Bobby Bond.

  3. Bob Bracegirdle says:

    Anyone know of a source for a photo of Bobby Bond ca. 1961 when Living Doll was recorded?

    • admin says:

      Bob, we have collected two photos, total, of Bob Reinhardt (Bobby Bond.) Neither are dated, but I assume they were taken previous to 1964.

  4. Craig Jenkins says:

    Trying to find out what happened to Bob, I would like to interview him. My grandfather claims to have been in this band with him.

    • admin says:

      Craig, Who is your Grandfather? My older brother knows some of those guys. We are also trying to get info on them as well? Doug

      • Matt Lehr says:

        My father is Lonnie Lehr. I would love to talk sometime with people that knew him back in the band days.

    • Becky says:

      Hi! I am Bobby Bond’s(Reinhardt) daughter. He would absolutely be thrilled to know that there are people making such great comments about him on the internet & looking for him…..he’s not a computer type guy:) You can contact me but I will be passing this info on to him most definitely! Thanks!

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