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The Sceen



Recollections of the Sceen courtesy of Tom Kirby of Tonto and the Renegades:

“We were fortunate, we saw or played with the Bossmen, The Ones, The Woolies and the Beaux Jens all the time. In fact we all would follow each other around the State on tour. There was a lot of great music there. Our agent would arrange the tours. Each of our tours started at The Sceen. Don Trefry was our agent and he also owned The Sceen. On occasion, all of us would play a set on the same night. The hardest part of that was there were 5 bands and The Sceen had 4 stages. But, that wasn’t that bad. Usually at least one of the bands couldn’t hang around after their set. But, what a night of music at The Sceen.”



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