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Tom Stevens

Magi, Long Ryder, Danny & Dusty, Chris Cacavas, Junk Yard Love and Jack Waterson.

Tom Stevens Biography Tom Stevens

During his long musical career, Tom Stevens has recorded over a dozen albums, both solo and with Magi, The Long Ryders, Danny & Dusty, Chris Cacavas and Junk Yard Love and Jack Waterson. As a solo artist his blistering guitar playing and depth of songwriting speak volumes, both on stage and on Stevens’ solo albums: Points of View, Another Room, Points Revisited, Home, and his latest release, Sooner.

While still a teenager in Indiana, infatuated with 60s garage and hard-edged rock and roll, he joined regional heroes Magi, a dual-guitar, kick-ass rock and roll band. When Magi packed their gear and moved west to Los Angeles, they found their angle had gone out of style, replaced by the vibrant punk energy of Black Flag and X. As other band members moved home, Stevens stayed in Hollywood, absorbing the raw sounds and urban sensibilities of the L.A. musical landscape. It was during this period, in between working his shifts at the legendary Tower Records on the Sunset Strip, that Tom first began seriously writing songs.

Taking a cue from the thriving DIY punk scene around him, with the help of some friends, he took those songs and produced a six-song EP on Pulse Records, 1981’s Points of View, which eventually sold out its’ original pressing and started him on a solo career. This was quickly side-tracked as a fateful series of events one day led him to join the soon to be legendary roots-rock godfathers, The Long Ryders, in late 1983.

During his 3-1/2 years as a Long Ryder, Stevens saw the release of three albums (all featuring Stevens-penned songs)-Native Sons, State of Our Union and Two Fisted Tales as well as lengthy worldwide tours, many international magazine covers, a UK top 40 hit (“Looking For Lewis & Clark”), long runs on European and U.S music charts, and several live TV appearances.

Stevens was also a member of the legendary Danny & Dusty, whose album The Lost Weekend made the year-end top ten best albums list in the New York Times. Additionally, he played with Gene Clark of The Byrds-as a stand-up bass player with Clark on a few of his last live L.A. performances.

The Tom Stevens Discography

Version 1.93

Summary: A discography of the recordings of guitarist/bassist/songwriter/singer Tom Stevens. Listed are releases by Magi, Tom Stevens, The Long Ryders, Danny & Dusty, Chris Cacavas & Junk Yard Love, and Jack Waterson, as well as compilation releases.

Magi - Win or Lose cover1976
Win Or Lose

US, Indie LP, no label, 6102 N13

Win Or Lose – Undecided Man – I Didn’t Ask You – Steve’s Jam – Fryin’ Away Time – Snowbound – Runnin’ Low – Every Time I’m With You

Produced by Magi
Engineered by Bryce Roberson

John Gaut – lead vocals
Larry Stutzman – guitar, backing vocals
Steve Vanlaningham – guitar
Jerry Wiggins – drums
Tom Stevens – bass, backing vocals

An extremely hard to find record. Recorded in one week during August 1976 at Uncle Dirty’s Sound Machine, Kalamazoo, MI. Aerosmith / psychedelic sounds. A counterfeit European “reissue” of this LP was available on Breeder (RPR 001-lC-560) in 1986. An Italian CD issue, also unauthorized, was released on the Flash label (Flash 51) in 1997.

Magi - Mama 45Magi Win or Lose 45
“Win Or Lose” b/w “Mama”

US, indie 7″, no label

45 includes “Mama” not on the LP. Personnel same as above.


Tom Stevens - Points of ViewTom Stevens - Points of View
Tom Stevens
Points of View

Pulse PR234
6-song 12″ EP, US

Telephone – Just One Night With You – 24 Hours – The Grip – Friend Or Foe? – Another Man’s World

Produced by Tom Stevens
Recorded by Thom Wilson at Perspective Studios, Sun Valley, CA on 29 September 1982.
Mixed by Stan Ross at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA

Johnny Bethesda – bass
Mark Cuff – drums
Tom Stevens – guitars & lead vocals

Missy Zizzo – backing vocals on “Telephone”

Pure guitar pop. Recorded & mixed in nine hours. Out of print. All songs written by Tom Stevens. Johnny Bethesda (bass) was a member of the Akron / L.A. punk band The Rubber City Rebels. Mark Cuff played drums for The Textones.

Long Ryders - Native Sons1984
The Long Ryders
Native Sons
Frontier Records
CD 4806-2-L

Final Wild Son – Still Get By – Ivory Tower – Run Dusty Run – (Sweet) Mental Revenge – Fair Game – Tell It to the Judge (On Sunday) – Wreck of the 809Too Close to the Light – Never Got to Meet the Mom – I Had a Dream

Sid Griffin – guitars, harmonica, autoharp, “Miss National,” bugle, vocals
Stephen McCarthy – guitars, steel guitar, keyboards, mandolin,banjo, vocals
Greg Sowders – drums, percussion
Tom Stevens – electric and stand-up bass, vocals

Gene Clark – additional vocals on “Ivory Tower”
Dave Pearlman – steel guitar on “(Sweet) Mental Revenge”
Phil Kenzie – baritone and tenor sax on “Tell it to the Judge on Sunday”

Produced by Henry Lewy
Engineered by Paul McKenna

Zippo and Frontier/BMG CD releases include “The Trip” with same lineup, and the 10-5-60 EP, with Des Brewer on bass. Tom Stevens sang on and co-wrote Wreck of the 809 and Too Close to the Light.

Released originally by Frontier Records in LP and cassette format. U.K. release on Zippo, Japan on JVC Victor. Zippo released a 45, “I Had a Dream” b/w “Too Close to the Light (Buckskin Mix)” in March, 1985. (Zippo 45-2)

Long Ryders - State of Our Union1985
The Long Ryders
State of Our Union
originally released on Island
reissued 1995 on Prima SID003 CD

Looking for Lewis and Clark – Lights of Downtown – WDIA – Mason-Dixon Line – Here Comes That Train Again – Years Long Ago – Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today – Two Kinds of Love – You Just Can’t Ride the Boxcars Anymore – Capturing the Flag – State of My Union

Prima CD release includes: If I Were a Bramble and You Were a Rose – South Side of the Story – Child Bride – Christmas on New Zealand

Sid Griffin – guitars, harmonica, autoharp, vocals
Stephen McCarthy – guitars, lap steel, keyboards, banjo, vocals
Greg Sowders – drums, percussion, keyboards, advice
Tom Stevens – electric and acoustic bass, vocals

Christine Collister – backing vocals on “If I Were a Bramble”
Stephen Wickham – violin on “If I Were a Bramble . . .”
Alan Dunn – accordion on “Child Bride”
Snake Davis & his Longhorns – horns on “WDAI”
Vic Collins – pedal steel on “WDIA”

Produced by Will Birch
Engineered by Neill King

Tom Stevens wrote and sang “Years Long Ago” and “You Just Can’t Ride the Boxcars Anymore” and co-wrote/co-sang “South Side of the Story” and “Christmas in New Zealand.”

Island issued Looking For Lewis And Clark (extended version) c/w Child Bride, South Side Of The Story, If I Were a Bramble And You Were a Rose Island 10IS237 (10″) and 7″ double-pack formats.

The Long Ryders - Sounds of an Empty Pint (bootleg)1985
The Long Ryders
Sounds of an Empty Pint

Pitchfork (Bootleg LP)

Final Wild Son – (Sweet) Mental Revenge – Run Dusty Run -Lights Of Downtown – Good Times Tomorrow, Hard Times Today – Masters Of War – I Had A Dream – Ivory Tower – Wreck Of The 809 – State Of My Union – You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore – Looking For Lewis And Clark – Tell It To The Judge On Sunday – Six Days On The Road

An Italian bootleg LP made from an audience tape, recorded on the State Of Our Union UK tour at Newcastle University, November 19, 1985.

The Long Ryders - Sounds of an Empty Pint (bootleg)1985
A Conversation With The Long Ryders – State of Our Union
Island LR1(LP)

A promotional LP containing interviews with the Long Ryders between the album tracks from State of Our Union.



Danny and Dusty - The Lost Weekend1985
Danny & Dusty
The Lost Weekend


The Word is Out – Song for the Dreamers – Miracle Mile – Baby, We All Gotta Go Down – The King of the Losers – Send Me a Postcard – Down to the Bone – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Dan Stuart – lead vocals
Steve Wynn – lead vocals, guitar
Sid Griffin – guitar, dobro, vocals
Stephen McCarthy – guitar, lap steel, vocals
Tom Stevens – bass guitar
Chris Cacavas – piano
Dennis Duck – drums, vocals

Produced, engineered and mixed by Paul B. Cutler. “The Word is Out” produced & engineered by Rick Novak. Recorded February 1985.

Prima CD reissue contains extra track “Bend In the Road.”

Read an amazing review from the Wilson Library Bulletin, November, 1985 here.

Don't Shoot1986
Don’t Shoot
Mau Mau/Demon MAU CD 606

UK CD compilation w/ Danny & Dusty track “Bend In the Road.” Personnel same as above.

Produced & engineered by Rick Novak, mixed by Paul B. Cutler.


The Spinning Wighats
Christmas In New Zealand
LYN16928 (7″ flexidisk)
The Long Ryders flexidisk, given away at live gigs.

Encore From Hell, 10-5-60 BOB11 (7″ flexidisk)
Included with Bucketfull Of Brains issue 17. Encore From Hell features Sid reading his own bad reviews.

Baby We All Gotta Go Down appears on the compilation LP What a Nice Way To Turn Seventeen (Number 6, LP+magazine) This is a version of a song recorded live at the Mean Fiddler in London on 01 Dec 1985, originally recorded by Danny & Dusty. Issues of WANWTTS were a magazine with a full length vinyl LP.

Long Ryders - Two Fisted Tales1987
The Long Ryders
Two Fisted Tales
Island 7 90594-2 CD
Deluxe Edition on Prima SID005

Gunslinger Man – I Want You Bad – A Stitch in Time – The Light Gets in the Way – Prairie Fire – Baby’s in Toyland – Long Story Short – Man of Misery – Harriet Tubman’s Gonna Carry Me Home – For the Rest of My Days – Spectacular Fall

Sid Griffin – guitars, harmonica, autoharp, vocals, bugle
Stephen McCarthy – guitars, lap steel, mandolin, vocals
Greg Sowders – drums, percussion, dice
Tom Stevens – bass, vocals, cello, acoustic guitar

David Hidalgo – accordion on “Light Gets In The Way”
Debbi & Vicki Peterson – backing vocals on “I Want You Bad.”

Produced by Ed Stasium
Engineered by Paul Hamingson

Tom wrote and sings lead on “A Stitch in Time.”
Prima Deluxe Edition contains four bonus tracks: Ring Bells – State of My Union (live) – Time Keeps Traveling – Baby, We All Gotta Go Down (live).

UK Singles:
I Want You Bad c/w Ring Bells, State Of My Union (live) Island (12)IS730 (7″, 12″)

Heyday U.S. version1988
Chris Cacavas and Junk Yard Love
Heyday 006 CD

Tom plays bass and sings backing vocals on “Driving Misery” and “Truth.”

Personnel for the above tracks:

Chris Cacavas – vocals, guitar, piano
John Thoman – lead guitarNormal Germany reissue
Tom Stevens – bass guitar, backing vocals
Keith Mitchell – drums
Robert Lloyd – mandolin, piano
Johnette Napolitano– backing vocal on “Truth”

Normal Records (Germany) reissued this CD with bonus tracks “Load Off Me,” “Four Corners USA” and “Can You Hear,” personnel same as above.


Chris Cacavas and Junk Yard Love
“Can You Hear”

7″ Single
Guiding Lights Records, Jewel 31993

45 with Died Pretty’s “Herr Godiva” on A-Side;7″ in a sleeve given away with the Danish magazine Adventure.

Chris Cacavas : guitar,vocals
John Thoman: guitar
Tom Stevens: bass
Keith Mitchell: drums

Recorded at Control Center Studios, Hollywood, Feb. 1988
Produced by Steve Wynn

1989Whose Dog - Heyday U.S. version
Jack Waterson
Whose Dog?

Heyday 005 CD(U.S.) EFA 11161 (Germany)

Superfine – Jellybean Room – Rampage – Mary Beth – Road to Hell – The Exchange – When the White Boys (Get the Blues) – All the Same – I Could Be With You – Whose Dog?

extra CD tracks: Heavy Hand, Lately

Jack Waterson – vocals, guitar, bass on “Road to Hell,” pianoWhose Dog - EFA Germany version
Tom Stevens – bass, most lead guitar, background vocals
Jim McGrath – percussion
Chuck Larson – drums
John Thoman – slide on “Mary Beth,” lead on”Lately”
Stephanie Shayne – background vocals
Will Glenn – fiddle on “Road To Hell”
Luis Silva – bass, background vocals on “Heavy Hand”and “Lately”
Mark Siegal – lead guitar on “Heavy Hand” and”Lately”
Pat Thomas – drums on “Heavy Hand”

Produced by Tom Stevens
Engineered by Paul Walters

“I can close my eyes and there I am . . . We ate spicy chicken and didn’t rehearse . . . We recorded the drums, percussion and guitar live . . . The amp was recorded in an unused freight elevator shaft . . . It fell . . . It rained . . . Me & Tom saw a naked Midwestern speed freak get beaten with a police baton . . . I rode the bus . . .We played Kiss songs in the hallway . . . I dreamt about reggae & uranium . . . We worshipped Howlin’ Wolf . . . Tom’s car got stolen . . . We rode the bus together. The engineer had a dagger tattooed on his hand.” JW ’92

EFA version contains original mixes of “Mary Beth,” “The Exchange” and “All The Same,” plus a Jim Goodwin remix of “Heavy Hand.”

The Long Ryders - Metallic B.O.1989
The Long Ryders
Metallic B.O.

R.O.W.Y.C.O. cassette
Overground OVER 16 UK CD
Prima CD SID001

You’re Gonna Miss Me – Route 66 – Brand New Heartache – Prisoners of Rock & Roll – Dirty Old Town – Is Anybody Going to San Antone? – Billy Jean – Circle ‘Round the Sun – I Want You Bad – Six Days on the Road – Anarchy in the U.K. – What Goes On -Masters of War – Sandwich Man – Greenville Trestle – Blues Theme- P.i.L. Theme – I Shall Be Released

Sid Griffin – guitars, harmonica, vocals, bugle
Stephen McCarthy – guitars, lap steel, mandolin, vocals
Greg Sowders – drums, percussion, vocal on “Billy Jean”
Tom Stevens – electric and string bass, guitar, vocals
Des Brewer – bass on “Brand New Heartache”
Larry Chatman – bass on “Greenville Trestle”

Cassette contains tracks listed above. CD omits “Is Anybody Going to San Antone,” “I Want You Bad,” “What Goes On” and “Greenville Trestle.” Reviewed in 23 Feb 1989 issue of Rolling Stone.

Tom Stevens - Last Night cassette cover1991
Tom Stevens
Last Night

Devil In The Woods DIW 15
cassette only
out of print

1) 17 Ways 2) The Ballad of Bobby & Betty 3) Pamela 4) Train Conductor 5) Fading Light 6) The Upper Hand* 7) I Can’t Hear You* 8) Coming Home Again 9) Sad Sad Songs 10) Alone 11) Keep With Yourself

tracks 1-5, 8-11 produced by Tom Stevens
tracks 6-7 produced by Jack Waterson

for tracks 1-5, 8-11:
Tom Stevens – vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, harmonica
Scott Allen – drums
Gretchen Priest – violin on 1-3, 8, ghost vocal on 3
Larry Stutzman – electric guitar on 1
Phil Everingham – pedal steel on 3 & 8
John Ciba – accordion on 5
Fender Tremolux amp on 5 courtesy of Mike Lese

for tracks 6 & 7
Tom Stevens – vocal, slide guitar
Chris Cacavas – bass, organ on 7
Jim McGrath – drums

Prominent violin and pedal steel in rootsy tracks as “17 Ways” and “The Ballad of Bobby & Betty” contrast rocking guitar on “The Upper Hand” and “Sad Sad Songs.”

Read more about the Last Night sessions in the about Points Revisited piece.

Michael Jackson is My Labelmate1993
Michael Jackson is My Labelmate
doggybag dB 022 Germany

Compilation CD, contains “The Ballad of Bobby & Betty” from Last Night and Jack Waterson’s “Road To Hell” from Whose Dog.


The Long Ryders
BBC Radio One Live in Concert
Windsong WINCD058 UK CD

Prairie Fire – A Stitch in Time – Harriet Tubman’s Gonna Carry Me Home – I Want You Bad – I Had a Dream – You Just Can’t Ride the Boxcars Anymore – Gunslinger Man – Looking For Lewis & Clark (live at the Mayfair Club, Newcastle, England, 3 June 1987) Ivory Tower – Final Wild Son – State of My Union – Lights of Downtown (recorded for the Andy Kershaw show at the Chester Rendezvous Club 15 October 1985)

Sid Griffin – guitars, harmonica, vocals
Stephen McCarthy – main guitar, vocals
Greg Sowders – drums
Tom Stevens – bass, vocals

Tom Stevens
Another Room

MAIA Records MR-04

Mustang Car – Insomnia – It’s All Right – Garbage Town – Anything For You – Get There From Here – Walking – Muddy River – Starless Night – Georgie’s Back in Town – Inbetweens – Graveyards – Young Man in Prison – Too Much To Lose – Shiny Paper

Tom Stevens – guitars, vocals
Howard Hilliard II – bass, vocals
Jet Redd – drums

The Lost Eights Choir (on Anything For You, Starless Night, Inbetweens):
Melissa Malvin
John (50ft.) Thoman
Jack Waterson
Howard Hilliard II

All songs written by Tom Stevens. Recorded during eleven days at the Root Canal, Hollywood, CA. Originally slated for release by doggybag Records (distributed by Sony Germany). MAIA Records (E-mail: kctaper@aol.com) U.S. CD released October, 1995.

Thirty-Nine Steps to Seattle
Diablo Records

Compilation CD including the Long Ryders’ I Had a Dream.

01. You Are My Friend (Rain Parade) – 3:06
02. Mountain of Love (Giant Sand) – 4:02
03. Dream Is Gone (American Music Club) – 3:57
04. It’s Ok (Thin White Rope) – 5:09
05. Ron Klaus Wrecked His House (Big Dipper) – 5:05
06. When You Smile (Dream Syndicate) – 3:05
07. I Had a Dream (Long Ryders) – 3:50
08. Speak the Same to Everyone (Nonfiction) – 5:21
09. Stranger (Never Says Goodbye) (Naked Prey) – 4:57
10. Crazy Girl (Incredible Casuals) – 2:30
11. Inside (Sidewinders) – 4:05
12. Downsiders (Downsiders) – 2:31
13. Drifter (Green On Red) – 2:33
14. Wild Dog Waltz (The Band Of…Blacky Ranchette) – 6:04
15. Everything You Need and Everything… (Tolman, Russ) – 4:27

Shades, Guitars, Stripes & Stars compilation1996
Shades, Guitars, Stripes & Stars
Connoisseur Collection VSOPCD 225 (UK)

This compilation CD contains The Long Ryders’ Final Wild Son from Native Sons. Other artists appearing include Los Lobos, The Beat Farmers, Steve Earle, Georgia Satellites and Jason & The Scorchers.


Americanism compilation cover1996
Nectar Masters NTMCD 509 (UK)

Tell It To The Judge On Sunday by The Long Ryders from Native Sons is included on this compilation of 1980s American guitar bands including The Dream Syndicate, `Til Tuesday, Green On Red and E.I.E.I.O.


Tom Stevens
Points Revisited
MAIA Records MR-06

The Grip – Telephone – Just One Night With You – 24 Hours – Another Man’s World – Friend or Foe? – Silence – The Upper Hand – I Can’t Hear You – 17 Ways – The Ballad of Bobby & Betty – Pamela – Train Conductor – Fading Light – Sad Sad Songs – Alone – Keep with Yourself – Coming Home Again – Years Long Ago

A collection of Tom Stevens solo recordings from 1981-1989, including alternate versions and home demos.

about Points Revisited

Cast of other characters
(In order of appearance):

Sunny Paul drums on 1,2
Johnny Bethesda bass on 3,4,5
Mark Cuff drums on 3,4,5
Chris Cacavas bass on 8,9,18, organ on 9, backing vocals on 9,18
Jim McGrath drums on 8,9
Scott Allen drums on 10-17
Larry Stutzman guitar on 10
Gretchen Priest violin on 10-12, ghost vocal on 12
Phil Everingham pedal steel on 12
John Ciba accordion on 14
Keith Mitchell drums on 18

Tracks 1 & 2
Recorded & mixed Nov 1981 by Sunny Paul, Los Angeles
Produced by Tom Stevens

Tracks 3-5
Recorded 29 Sep 1982 at Perspective Studios, Sun Valley, CA by Thom Wilson
Mixed at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood by Stan Ross
Produced by Tom Stevens

Track 6
Recorded early 1982 at Airport Studios, Burbank by Tom Stevens on Larry Stutzman’s TEAC 3340-S.

Track 7
Recorded 1983 at home on Normandie in Los Angeles.

Track 19
Recorded Spring, 1985 at Larry’s Pro Sound, Granada Hills, CA

Tracks 8-9, 18
Recorded 1988 at Larry’s Pro Sound, Granada Hills, CA.
Recorded by Larry Stutzman and Jack Waterson.
Produced by Jack Waterson.

Tracks 10-17
Recorded 1989 at Allen Recording, Elkhart, IN.
Recorded by Scott Allen and Tom Stevens.
Produced by Tom Stevens.

Beating Up The Campus: 18 College Rock Classics Of The 80s
Debutante/Polygram 553 429-2

Looking For Lewis And Clark by The Long Ryders from State of Our Union is included on this compilation of 18 bands,along with REM, Los Lobos, The Dream Syndicate, The Blasters and Rank & File.


Under Cover 3

A compilation cassette of covers of Neil Young songs released by the Dutch Neil Young Fan Club. Included is Tom Stevens’ version of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. Other artists include Crazy Horse, Sonya Hunter, Grant Lee Buffalo, Golden Smog, Matthews Southern Comfort, Bevis Frond, Type O Negative, Russ Tolman & The Great Danes, Linda Ronstadt, Walkabouts, Stephen Stills, Pat Thomas, Annie Lennox, Fever Tree, Locust Fudge, and The Byrds.




The Long Ryders - Looking For Lewis & Clark: The Anthology1998
The Long Ryders
Looking For Lewis & Clark: The Anthology
Polygram/Chronicles 31455 82802

Disc 1
10-5-60 – And She Rides – Born To Believe In You – You Don’t Know What’s Right, You Don’t Know What’s Wrong – Join My Gang – Final Wild Son – Ivory Tower – Still Get By – Run Dusty Run – (Sweet) Mental Revenge – Fair Game – Too Close To The Light – I Had A Dream – I’ll Get Out Somehow (previously unreleased demo) – Masters Of War (previously unreleased) – I Can’t Hide (previously unreleased) – Lights Of Downtown – Mason-Dixon Line – Capturing The Flag – Years Long Ago

Disc 2
Looking For Lewis And Clark (long version) – State Of My Union – Two Kinds Of Love – If I Were A Bramble And You Were A Rose – Christmas In New Zealand – Basic Black (previously unreleased demo) – Pushin’ Uphill (previously unreleased demo) – He Can Hear His Brother Calling (previously unreleased demo) – 17 Ways (previously unreleased demo) – He Got Himself A Young Girl (And He Can’t Keep Up) (previously unreleased demo) – Gunslinger Man – I Want You Bad – A Stitch In Time – Baby’s In Toyland – Harriet Tubman’s Gonna Carry Me Home (previously unreleased demo) – The Light Gets In the Way – Spectacular Fall – Flak Jacket (previously unreleased demo) – Ring Bells – Prisoners Of Rock ‘N’ Roll (live)

Compilation produced by Bill Inglot in association with Sid Griffin
Executive producer: Bill Levenson

A forty-song, two-CD compilation on Polygram/Chronicles. Liner notes by David Fricke. Release date:July 21, 1998.

1999This Note's For You Too!
This Note’s For You Too! (A Tribute To Neil Young) (v/a)
Inbetweens Records

A 2-CD compilation of Neil Young covers, to benefit the Bridge School. Includes Tom’s cover of Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. U.S. distribution by Innerstate. Release date: April 20, 1999.

CD One: CD Two:
Treble Spankers: Aurora Chris Cacavas: Tonight’s The Night
Ron & the Splinters: Burned Walkabouts: Albuquerque
Matt Piucci: Down To The Wire Eric Ambel: Revolution Blues
Sonya Hunter: Expecting To Fly Pat Thomas & the Family Jewels: Vampire Blues
Mushroom: The Emperor Of Wyoming Ghosthouse: Don’t Cry No Tears
Tom Stevens: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere Hallo Venray: Cortez the Killer
Bevis Frond: I’ve Been Waiting For You Rich Hopkins & Luminarios: Like A Hurricane
Big in Iowa: Cinnamon Girl Chris Burroughs: Powderfinger
Shane Faubert: Running Dry (Requiem For The Rockets) Snares & Kites: Campaigner
Lee Ranaldo: Winterlong Harvest: The Old Country Waltz
Tom Rapp: After The Gold Rush Golden Watusis: Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
Hitchin’ Post: Tell Me Why Empty Set: Too Lonely
Bobby Sutliff: Don’t Let It Bring You Down Van Christian: This Note’s For You
Coal Porters: Ohio Absolute Zeros: Don’t Cry
Continental Drifters: When You Dance I Can Really Love Ad Vanderveen: Days That Used To Be
Steven Roback: The Needle and the Damage Done Lazy Sunday Dream – Old King
Russ Tolman & Richard McGrath: Old Man Slobberbone: Piece of Crap
Richard Lloyd: Heart Of Gold
Steve Wynn: Time Fades Away
Map of Wyoming: Don’t Be Denied

Contact: Jos Starmans, Inbetweens Records, Postbus 1431, 5004 BK Tilburg, the Netherlands starman1@hvision.nl


End of the Trail - front cover End of the Trail - back cover

The Long Ryders
End of the Trail
Massive Attack MA 990129 (bootleg)

Prairie Fire – Lights of Downtown – Man of Misery – A Stitch in Time – State of Our Union – Harriet Tubman – Capturing the Flag – Long Story Short – Baby’s in Toyland – I Want You Bad – Spectacular Fall – I Had a Dream – You Just Can’t Ride the Boxcars Anymore – Gunslinger Man – Looking For Lewis And Clark – Prisoners of Rock and Roll – 10-5-60

Bootleg CD from the FM broadcast of The Long Ryders’ Bottom Line show, May 7, 1987, 2nd show. Cover a mockup of the Zippo “I Had a Dream” picture sleeve.

Hit The Hay Vol 4
Sound Asleep zzz010

Swedish compilation includes Tom Stevens’ Mustang Car from Another Room. Details here.



Home Runs Vol 2
Sound Asleep (Strike Two)

Swedish compilation includes Tom Stevens’ Just One Night With You from Points of View. Details here.



The Long Ryders
Three Minute Warnings: The Long Ryders Live in New York City
Prima SID 015

Recorded live at The Bottom Line, NYC on May 7, 1987.

Prairie Fire – Lights Of Downtown – Man Of Misery – A Stitch In Time – State Of My Union – Harriet Tubman’s Going To Carry Me Home – Capturing The Flag – Long Story Short -. Baby’s In Toyland – I Want You Bad – Spectacular Fall – I Had A Dream – You Just Can’t Ride The Boxcars Anymore – Gunslinger Man – Looking For Lewis And Clark – Prisoners Of Rock – 10 5 60

Tom Stevens - Home2007
Tom Stevens
Avebury  DL 14012

Ghost Train – Belladonna – In the Basement – I Don’t Know – Death Wish – Flame Turns to Blue – Tornado – Away from the Great Cold City – Home – Flying out of London in the Rain – Weekendland

Tom Stevens - Home

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