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Xavier Garcia

Tetrad – (Drums)

Xavier Garcia,  I was born in Alice, Texas, 1961.  My family moved to Michigan in the summer of 1967, at the time I was 6 years old.  I started playing drums at a very young age.  I was influenced by my father, Joe Garcia.  He toured the states playing Tejeno music.  My favorite drummers are Billy Cobham, and Harvey Mason.  I grew up on funk, R&B, tejeno, salsa, and jazz.  I have played with Avagadro, OTC, Wired, Thunderoad, and Stolen Horses.  I have opened up for country artists such as Joe Nichols, Jamey Johnson, Heidi Wakefield, Jimmy Wayne, and Whiskey Falls.  I come from a big background of music.  My grandfather was also a guitar player, his name was Juan Garica.  I’m also related to Los Lonely Boys, who are cousins to me.   I have never met them, but my father talks to their mother, and their grandfather, very often.  I hope that some day I will get the chance to meet them.  They are awesome musicians.  I want to thank the following local musicians that have helped me with my music. Marshall McDaniel – “Thunderoad” Rob Hanson-“OTC” Paul Kwant – “Thunderoad”,  “Stolen Horses” Gram Tore – “Wired” Also, D.J. Smith (“Stolen Horses”) who gave me my biggest opportunity and the biggest stage of my music career, he helped me bring out my “A” game.

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